How to Be a Fashion Icon

OK, so “icon” may be a stretch.  Ever wonder how some people look cool as if they spent $1,000’s of dollars on a single outfit?  As a dude, you probably have trouble piecing together an outfit.  Good news, there is hope for the forlorn

Dressing in the current trends may be easier than you assume.  Recently I discovered, a site that allows you to search for clothes, put pieces together and view other users collections.

Stumbling upon one user, Keri Cruz was a blessing.  She puts together amazing sets for men and the best part; it’s actually something most dudes would wear.  Definitely not the Zoolander style we see in most men’s magazine with $985 jeans and $475 for a shirt!

The collection below (created by yours truly) would cost $187 total but if bracelets and bags are not your thing – my guess is they are not- then the shirt  (Macy’s) and jeans (on-line store I’ve never heard of) are only $60.

Forge forward bros!  I will put some more things together for our wayward souls.

Military Chic


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