Tips to Dressing Fashionable

Got a date and not sure what to wear or just really tired of thinking “what the heck do I wear”?  Lots of us “regular guys” are just not great at putting together “outfits” – even calling it that gives us a peculiar feeling.  Unless you’re lucky enough to have a person in your life with great fashion sense (and who is not trying to make you look like the 5th member of a boy band) then a little cyber help never hurts.


So, where do I start?


Step 1:  Check out sites like Pinterest and Polyvore and find things you like

Step 2:  Look at the pieces you like, starting with pants or shirts, and find complete outfits

Step 3:  Compile a list of on-line retailers you like (from Pinterest and Polyvore finds (check out 6PM for great deals on last years stuff)

Step 4:  Order on-line (normally easy + free returns)


Guy, bros, homies – you can look great, be fashionable, feel manly and not break the bank!


For us older guys, the Chuck T’s (Converses) look great but the insoles are horrendous.  Easy fix with some inserts (check these from Amazon).  I will be posting more “bro wear” that I find on-line and great finds.  Enjoy below and good luck! 

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