Dude Outfits That Don’t Break the Bank

Alright, guys admit it, when we hear the words “fashion” we typically amass imagery of the latest Victoria Secret model or “some skinny girls that need to eat a cheeseburger”.  Dudes, it’s ok to discuss fashion.  It’s totally cool to look good in your clothes, no matter your style (unless you wear mom jeans….or socks with sandals).  You will not morph into a butterfly or find yourself attracted to kittens, flowers, and yoga (which admittedly some already are…different post).

Personally, I’m all about dressing in a relaxed manner for work, home, night out or whatever.  I throw on a suit for court appearances, weddings or funerals (always minus the tie).

So how do you dress down stylishly and cost effectively?

It’s possible, check out a few highlights below for the relaxed, fashion dude on a budget.  Like what you see?  Click on the image and check pricing and how to buy online.

Summer Rock


Spring Street Camo

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