It’s Not Your Resume, It’s You!

You spend hours changing, editing and preparing your resume that will surely land you that dream job!  It is sent out through every job board, imported into your LinkedIn profile and scattered to the 4 corners of your geographic preference!  Then, after all that – NOTHING!  You are confused, baffled, angry and blame everyone else for not seeing your talents and abilities.  Guess what; it … Continue reading It’s Not Your Resume, It’s You!


Crazy HR Story: Can I Borrow $20?

[tweetmeme source=”alexputman”] Several years ago a sales friend was talking to a new client about placing contract employees.  The hiring manager began discussing his experiences with contract employees and told one crazy story.  It seems that he hired a contract employee in the normal fashion.  During the 2nd week of employment the contractor requested to borrow $20 from the hiring manager.  The hiring manager assumed that … Continue reading Crazy HR Story: Can I Borrow $20?

12 Questions to Ask Yourself After the Interview

[tweetmeme source=”alexputman”] You have spent the last year or so looking for a job.  After all the resume revisions, the multiple hours spent searching and the 1000’s of emails, the market has changed and you are getting multiple interviews. Now you need to gauge how well the interview went and if this is the position for you?  Ask yourself these 12 questions to evaluate. Who … Continue reading 12 Questions to Ask Yourself After the Interview

Crazy HR Stories: “Very Hungry For A Job”!

I thought it would be fun to conduct a series on “Wacky, Crazy, HR stories that REALLY Happen.  These stories are all real with names of the not so innocent being replaced.  I hope everyone enjoys this series.  Who knows, we may learn a few things (master of obvious says…what not to do!). The first story comes from a personal friend, whom I know does … Continue reading Crazy HR Stories: “Very Hungry For A Job”!

Write a Kick Butt Resume

Do you want a resume that kicks butt?  Do you want to know the secret to landing job interviews with just a few pieces of paper.  Well, I don’t have those answers, but here is some solid advice for writing a great resume. 1.  Create bullet points that highlight “proveable” experience.  Managers want to see what you have done, so don’t use works like;  “facilitated” … Continue reading Write a Kick Butt Resume