It’s Not Your Resume, It’s You!

You spend hours changing, editing and preparing your resume that will surely land you that dream job!  It is sent out through every job board, imported into your LinkedIn profile and scattered to the 4 corners of your geographic preference!  Then, after all that – NOTHING!  You are confused, baffled, angry and blame everyone else for not seeing your talents and abilities.  Guess what; it … Continue reading It’s Not Your Resume, It’s You!

Evolution of the Resume

Remember the days of sending your resume via snail mail.  You purchased the perfect stock of paper and envelope, addressed it ever so carefully, bought a….ugh…what’s that sticky thing called, oh yeah, a stamp and sent it off.  You waited weeks to hear back and nothing.  Maybe you sent it to the wrong person, maybe you had a typo or maybe it just got lost … Continue reading Evolution of the Resume

Write a Kick Butt Resume

Do you want a resume that kicks butt?  Do you want to know the secret to landing job interviews with just a few pieces of paper.  Well, I don’t have those answers, but here is some solid advice for writing a great resume. 1.  Create bullet points that highlight “proveable” experience.  Managers want to see what you have done, so don’t use works like;  “facilitated” … Continue reading Write a Kick Butt Resume