Use Video to Recruit People

90% of people say video is a key influencer in their decision making process.. Continue reading Use Video to Recruit People


Are You Innovative Enough?

Ask yourself a question….”what is the most innovative thing I have accomplished professionally this year?”  My journey started with a New Year’s resolution.  That resolution included being happy at work, using my creativity to build something cool and never being required to wear a tie ever again. Thus began a new job search in January 2011.  As many people know, a job search is no easy task; I sent … Continue reading Are You Innovative Enough?

Twitter Simplified!

Several weeks ago I was on Twitter and my 7-year-old daughter walks in.  She said “Daddy, are you on twitter again”?  I asked, “what do you know about twitter”?  Her response was a simple “I know it is about getting into other people’s business”!   Then, just last week I was meeting with a twitter newbie and he asked “what is the point of twitter” and “how do I use … Continue reading Twitter Simplified!

How to Engage with YouTube

How do you use YouTube to engage your networks?  Video may be one of the most personal ways to engage due the visual nature of people.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so how much is video worth? One of the most viewed/downloaded forms of social media is video that provides “How To…” instructions.  So, instead of writing a long post about “how to”, … Continue reading How to Engage with YouTube

Social Media Engagement Tips

Many people (talent acquisition and human resources professionals) think of themselves as social media experts because they have a Facebook and/or a LinkedIn account.  They update their status and even place job post (with links…look out now) in their status.  This makes you a social media expert about as much as standing in your garage makes you a car! The person(s) in your organization that … Continue reading Social Media Engagement Tips