Below are the key presentations I will conduct for your conference, meeting or break-outs.  He covers employer branding, employee engagement, talent attraction and talent acquisition.  Contact him at to discuss details.

  • Understand the impact of your employer brand message on your target audiences.
  • See how the candidate’s interaction and experience is key to your employer branding efforts.
  • Learn how you rank against your competitors in the fight for talent.

Create a Hollywood Style Employer Brand
Employer branding has always been a part of corporate culture, but in the past few years has evolved from a passive character to the dynamic focal point of talent attraction and employee engagement. New media and technology have transformed communication between companies and people, creating a deeper and more authentic dialogue throughout the “people process”.

Marketing is the new human resource. Organizations have the ability to create-web based commercials and disseminate to millions of people with a single click.   Posting a job is evolving to community building where two-way conversations are encouraged and desirable.

Hollywood is globally synonymous with creating visually appealing stories and telling them in memorable and compelling ways. Reliability and imagination are critical in the creation of the employer brand, while marketing your story is similar to a red carpet experience.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How technology and new media such as social networks, talent community platforms, mobile and the web have given new life the company story.
  2. How to think like marketing for the talent attraction process
  3. How to create an employer brand with video and promote internally and externally.
  4. Learn tools to utilize for developing internal engagement (mobile apps) and talent pipelines


How to Create Non Traditional Employee Engagement
Human Resource management is naturally traditional with the objective of attracting and retaining talent, optimizing human capital through training & development and being champions of corporate cultures. HOW we engage employees through this life cycle (attraction, on-boarding, hiring, developing and rewarding) has taken a non-traditional turn.

In this session, we will discover non-traditional approaches to the employee engagement life cycle and how to develop new and innovative ways for the digital savvy workforce.

We will discuss tools such as mobile apps for engagement, gamification methods, and creative on boarding. Also, we will discuss how the workforce is changing and what the next generations of employee’s desires from corporate engagement.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How current trends shape the approaches to the employee engagement life cycle
  2. How digital (mobile, social etc…) has changed the traditions of engagement and culture
  3. How to engage the digital savvy workforce


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