I am available for topical or keynote speaking engagements.  I have spoken globally on a variety of topics ranging from social media, starting out as an entrepreneur to life and the pursuit of your dreams.  I receive extremely positive feedback and have an ability to connect with attendees.

Interested?  Contact me at alex@hellosplice.com or text me at 678-557-0469.  You can view several past presentations on SlideShare.

Speaking Engagements

CGEMC                                                     Jackson, GA       Roundtable     2/26
Forsyth-Monroe County Chamber     Forsyth, GA       Awards Host   1/24
Pandemic Sheltering                             Atlanta, GA       March 2020 – present

Spent the year building two new brands

SourceCon                                     Atlanta, GA    Auditing Your Employer Brand   9/24
Technology Assoc of Georgia     Atlanta, GA    Auditing Your Employer Brand    6/7

Social Recruiting Summit     Atlanta, GA                                    12/4-5
Emcee and Chair and presenting     Auditing Your Brand

Talent Acquisition Summit     Philadelphia, PA     8/15-16
Emcee and Chair and presenting      Auditing Your Brand     8/16

People in Life Science     San Diego, CA     2/9
Creating an EB Strategy that Differentiates You from the Competition

7th Annual People in Healthcare Summit    San Diego, CA     2/10
How to Source, Recruit and Attract Humans with Social Media and Employer Branding

Georgia Assoc. of Community Care Providers   St Simons Island   8/18
Marketing Your Small Business on a Budget

The University of Alabama  Judge for the “MBA Launch Program” Tuscaloosa, AL 8/11

TMA Social Recruiting Summit     Chairman and Speaker    Dallas, TX     7/21-7/22  Auditing Your Employer Brand, Your Personal Brand, and Your Competition’s  

SHRM-Atlanta Conference     Atlanta, GA       3/29-3/30
Create a Hollywood Style Employer Brand

Atlanta Tech Village    DisruptHR 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide   Atlanta, GA   2/25   Create a Hollywood Style Employer Brand

HR & Leadership ConferenceCreate a Hollywood Style Employer Brand
Winnipeg, MB    10/28

SHRM-Atlanta Symposium  Panel: Use of Technology in HR Atlanta, GA  8/25

The University of Alabama  Judge for the “MBA Launch Program” Tuscaloosa, AL 8/13

SHRM-Atlanta   “Keys to Telling the SHRM-Atlanta Story on Social Media”  Webinar  8/6

Talent Mgt Alliance Social Recruiting Conference  “Creating a Personal Recruiting Brand”  New York City, NY   7/22

SHRM-Atlanta Conference:  “Create Non Traditional Employee Engagement
Atlanta, GA     4/20

Directors Roundtable:  “The Future of Recruiting is Digital & Employer Branding”
Atlanta, GA  3/18


Gwinnett Chamber HRMA:     “Create a Hollywood Style Employer Brand”
Atlanta, GA     12/10

    “Creating an Interactive Talent Community”
Atlanta, GA     12/4

Expo Capital Humano 2014:
  “Create a Hollywood Style Employer Brand”
Santiago, Chile    11/11

Talent Management Alliance:   “How Your Social Footprint Affect Personal Brand”     Webinar     10/2

SHRM-Atlanta Symposium:    “Non Traditional Employee Engagement”
Atlanta, GA      8/26

Technology Association of Georgia:     “Personal Branding”
Atlanta, GA     8/13

STEM Conference:     “Use Branding to Make STEM Jobs Cool”
San Diego, CA     7/29

Human Resource Leadership Forum:     “Employer Branding and EVP”
Atlanta, GA      6/26

SHRM-Atlanta Conference:     “Design a Digital Story to Attract Talent”
Atlanta, GA     4/28

University of Georgia:     “Finding a Job with Social Media”
Athens, GA     4/15

Technology Assoc Georgia:     “Size Matters: How Big is Your Brand”
Atlanta, GA      3/18

Prof Entertainment & Sports Assc:   “Using Personal Branding”
Athens, GA     3/1

Strategic Recruitment Summit:   “How to Captivate with Your Message”
Orlando, FL     2/24

SourceCon:     “Sourcing:  It’s Not Just Search String”
Atlanta, GA     2/20


SHRM-Atlanta @ DeVry:     “Social Recruiting: Brand, Engage & Hire”     Atlanta, GA     1/8

Strategic Recruitment Summit    Using New Media – Case Study     Miami, FL     2/11-2/12

Georgia State:     “Finding a Job Via Social Media”      Atlanta, GA     3/5

Women In Technology:     “Managing your Social Media Presence”     Atlanta, GA     3/6

University of Georgia:     “Finding a Job Via Social Media”     Athens, GA     3/19

Professional Entertainment & Sports Assoc:     “Social Strategy Design”
Athens, GA     4/22

Georgia Society of Association Executives:      Social Media Strategy     Atlanta, GA     4/23

SHRM-Atlant Conference:     “Brand, Engage & Hire”     Atlanta, GA     4/29

Technology Association of GA:     “Recruiting & Social Collaboration”     Atlanta, GA     5/21

SHRM HR Florida Conference:     “Future of Talent Acquisition”     Orlando, FL     8/19

Career Connections w/ SHRM-Atlanta:     “Finding a Job in the New Age”  
Atlanta, GA     9/10

United Way Forum:     “Employee Engagement:  Starts Before the First Hello”
Atlanta, GA     10/8

Workforce Live Event:  “Social Recruiting & Becoming an Employer of Choice”
Atlanta, GA     10/15

University of Georgia:     “Finding a Job with Social Media”     Athens, GA     10/22

truCollegeRecruiter.com Conference:     “Engaging Students with Your Employer Brand”     Atlanta, GA     12/11


Crossroads Career Network Meeting:     “HR Panel – HR Horror Stories”
Atlanta, GA    2/13

Jobvite Social Recruiting Road Show:     “Social Recruiting: Talent Acquisition in 2015”     Atlanta, GA     2/28

22nd Annual SHRM-Atlanta Conference:     “Future of Talent Acquisition”
Atlanta, GA     3/14

University of Georgia:     “Use Social Media in Your Job Search”   Athens, GA   3/20

Webinar:  Connecting the HR Community One Click at a Time      4/19

Webinar:  Social Recruiting Best Practices     5/22

Right Management:     “Life @ Case-Mate”     11/14


University of Georgia:     “Using Social Media to Find a Job”     1/25
University of Georgia:     “Do’s and Don’ts of an Interview”     2/22
1st Baptist Church Woodstock:     “Senior HR Manager Round Table Discussion”     3/15
Hebron Baptist Church:     “How to Stand Out as a Candidate”     5/9
Mountain Brook Community Church:     “Stand Out as a Candidate”     6/14
Birmingham Recruiters Network:     Social Media Workshop: “Social Recruiting & Engagement”     6/15
Hiring For Hope @ Temple Kol Emeth:     Social Media Knowledge Tank     7/26
Birmingham SHRM:     Social Media Workshop:  Social Media Strategy:  More Than Post & Pray     9/27
21st Annual SHRM Atlanta Conference:     “Benefits of Being a HR Blogger”     10/18
21st Annual SHRM Atlanta Conference:     Social Media Roundtable:  LinkedIn     10/18