Twitter Simplified!

Several weeks ago I was on Twitter and my 7-year-old daughter walks in.  She said “Daddy, are you on twitter again”?  I asked, “what do you know about twitter”?  Her response was a simple “I know it is about getting into other people’s business”!   Then, just last week I was meeting with a twitter newbie and he asked “what is the point of twitter” and “how do I use … Continue reading Twitter Simplified!

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Social Media Engagement Tips

Many people (talent acquisition and human resources professionals) think of themselves as social media experts because they have a Facebook and/or a LinkedIn account.  They update their status and even place job post (with links…look out now) in their status.  This makes you a social media expert about as much as standing in your garage makes you a car! The person(s) in your organization that … Continue reading Social Media Engagement Tips

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Evolution of the Resume

Remember the days of sending your resume via snail mail.  You purchased the perfect stock of paper and envelope, addressed it ever so carefully, bought a….ugh…what’s that sticky thing called, oh yeah, a stamp and sent it off.  You waited weeks to hear back and nothing.  Maybe you sent it to the wrong person, maybe you had a typo or maybe it just got lost … Continue reading Evolution of the Resume