Gun N Roses Experience

In 1987, I was a broke 14-year-old with access to 6 television channels (one was PBS, so really 5 channels).  Viewing contingencies included turning the antenna northeast and winds of 2 mph or less.   July drifts in and Los Angeles based Guns N Roses releases Appetite for Destruction.

Summertime equated to weeks with my aunt in Atlanta.  We enjoyed lifes little pleasures such as air conditioning, swimming in pools, going to movies and cable television.  Cable meant an argument with my younger brother over Yo MTV Raps or Head Bangers Ball on MTV.

I was the Yo MTV raps guy.

But one night, while suffering through metal riffs and torn denim, an occurrence of unnatural magnitude manifested in the shape of a skinny rocker, with a high octave, occupied by a man whose face remains a mystery to this day.  Guns N Roses premiered with “Sweet Child O Mine” and this wannabe Slim Shady discovered that musical tastes can and should cross all genres.

It’s 2016 and I have 4 sweet child’s of my own and live in the burbs while jamming daily to an eclectic cache of digital music.  But one day  in early 2016, everything changed when GNR  announced their reunion tour.

“Not in This Lifetime” lived up to its name and much more!  Simply the best show this antenna turning, ex Yo MTV Raps, Alabama boy could imagine.  3 hours of memories from 1987 with the energy of a small L.A. bar, filled with Aqua net, smoke and great music.

Topping it off, GNR showcased 2 new members and one retweeted my accolades to the show.  Digitally, I am 1 degree from the rock n roll hall of fame.  Mentally, 1987 never looked so right.


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