Venice Beach with the Kids

Ahhhh, California….we love L.A.!  The food, weather, people and tripping around Venice Beach was quite different than our other adventures.  Accommodations were courtesy of AirBnb, yet different than the norm.  We stayed in a house, 2 blocks from the beach and boardwalk.  Santa Monica was a kid favorite and of course we at Cafe Midi!!  Site seeing consisted of the LA Museum of Art, Disneyland (Star Wars was unbelievable)!

With a newfound love for running, I ran my first 5-mile run in zero humidity along the boardwalk.  It was incredible!

The kids enjoyed all aspects, but the fave was In-and-Out burger 4 nights in a row!!  I am certain at least one of the kids will call LA home, I have my guess as to whom!!

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