Travels in Zion, Bryce and Valley of Fire

The words on this page will do no justice to the natural beauty we experienced on this adventure. For several months we anticipated this trip. Our lust to wander through Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and knowingly finding sites off the beaten path.

We flew into Las Vegas witnessing a spectacular 3 hour drive to our home base in Kanab, UT. The terrain changed from high to higher, multi-colored rocks and tunnels carved into mountains. The drive did not disappoint!

Kanab, Utah is a quiet town and great location to visit all the parks. Upon arrival we showered, ate and set out to see nature. Finding caves along the way, the winding road led to some remarkable natural wonders. One day of cave exploring found us viewing dinosaur footprints. The climb to the cave reminded me that my fear of heights is real and going down is not always easier.

Bryce Canyon was absolutely breathtaking and honestly our favorite park. Zion was the main attraction, but we fell in love with Bryce! We spent a day hitting all the trails and hiked 10+ miles. Spiraling through the sand and rock was exhilarating and something to behold!

Truly this hike was one of my favorites ever! The middle picture reminded me of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. We drove the entire 13+ mile length, stopping to take in amazing views and hike short trails. We reached a high enough elevation to stand in snow during April!

Zion is the draw and it was impressive with the high points, long horned sheep and deer. We saw a field of buffalo and ate at the Thunderbird Cafe, home to the “Ho made pies” (research that one for yourself). We took pictures in our Yonder Couture designed National Park shirts and spent 2 days exploring.

We climbed Canyon Overlook Trail (1 mile, about an hour hike) to watch the most beautiful sunset EVER! The Narrows did not disappoint and although we did not hike through the Narrows, it was a nice walk along the river.

Our goal of hiking Angels Landing was unsuccessful. The chains were being repaired for the duration of our trip, thus we did not get to do a “top 10” hike in the world, but we will be back!

Valley of Fire was a last minute stop between Kanab and Vegas before hitting the Hoover Dam. Since we were catching a red-eye back to Atlanta, we decided to gain a full day and it did not disappoint (although people on the plane may have smelled us). The entire valley looks like he terrain of Mars and we felt like we were visiting an entirely different planet.

The coolest part of Valley of Fire was the petroglyphs! Viewing centuries old forms of communication in an undisturbed setting was amazing! Our next trip we will go back and spend a few days there!

This was a remarkable trip with great memories, lots of pictures and most of all the answer of ‘yes” when asked “want to tour the national parks?” Always say “yes!”

The hero of this trip, HippieShine Muscle Rub! We rubbed our muscles every night and I found it was great for the bottoms of my feet! My feet never last 5 straight days like this!! It worked for Rachel as well, and an added bonus was the use on her sunburn! Who knew the CBD infused muscle rub worked wonders and had so many positive attributes!

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