SizeMatters_FrontcoverA recent study showed that 92% of all companies used social media to identify candidates. It was further discovered that career pages are fast becoming old news, as recruiters and Human Resource professionals hired talent from LinkedIn (93%), Facebook (66%) and Twitter (54%). You may ask yourself WTH do all these statistics mean for you and the potential for the career you always dreamed of?

Size Matters was written as a guideline for every jobseeker looking  to build their personal brand and market themselves to potential employers while still staying very much engaged in their social sphere.  Additionally you will get insider information into the mind of employers and best practices for landing a job!

As you read this book, I encourage you to keep these questions in mind: How big is my social footprint? What does it look like? Is it a good representation of what my future  employer is looking for or did that late night party tweet cost me my potential  dream job? Because in the World Wide Web universe where the rules refresh on a  whim, size really does matter.

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