Rock N Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

Dad and twin 13-year-old daughters walk into a bar…ok, so it was a Saturday around 2:00 PM and the average age in attendance equated to posted speed limits on the interstate.  Also, I wouldn’t exactly call it a bar, think Wild Wing Cafe type cuisine with a stage.

Fresh off the Guns N Roses tour, my next line up was with the tweens in my life and American Idol competitor Dalton Rappatoni.

150 people, poor acoustics, and sticky floors accounted for the once in a lifetime opportunity – first concert.  Their first live show and they were 25 feet from the headliner….not shabby Dad, not at all!

The kicker, they performed in a theatric production in Augusta (2.5 hours away) and then I drove them to Atlanta for the show and back home.   A price could not be put on that day, the experience or the joy on their face!

Rock On!

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