We Love LA

As a single dad I’m amazed at the accolades I receive for just being a dad.  Like there is less of a parental expectation based on an “outie” beneath my waistline.  I have four (4) children, we travel, we go out to eat and yes I have been known to shop, pick out clothes and do hair (75% of my children are girls).

So on a recent trip to Los Angeles, a dream trip for my daughters, we

  1. Visited California Adventure (part of Disney)
  2. Tour of the Warner Bros Studio (see video below)
  3. Hiked Runyon Canyon
  4. Stayed in our first AirBnb behind the Chinese Theatre
  5. Witnessed the premiere of Spiderman and my daughters captured a picture of Tom Holland (insert dad eyeroll)…
  6. Visited the Hollywood sign and Hollywood Bowl
  7. In and Out for the kids first time (I think we ate 7-8 meals during the week there)
  8. Hit the main beaches; Venice, Malibu and Santa Monica
  9. Road the rides at Santa Monica Pier

It was a trip we will talk about for years to come!  The memories far outweigh any “thing” I could have given them.  See more photos on in my Facebook folder

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