The Key to Happiness is Being Free

This weekend was spent away from traditional societal expectations. 2020 has been the year of quarantine and self-discovery of one’s existence deprived of repression in routine. A beach visit signifies vacation for many.  The angst of lugging objects through sand, the impractical view of life within a trivial, digital display and the fiction belief in office messages overshadowing the splendor of your surroundings.

We spent the weekend walking the beach (6 miles per day), inhaling salt air, deliberating our model existence yet focused on the minute at hand. Introductions to my childhood comprised 3 hours of stories, that if not confirmed through first party partaker may be dismissed as rubbish and preposterous.

As a kid, I seldom requested consent to “go play”. In my teens slumbering in the deep woods with no cell phone and confronting the perils offered by the night with zero thought was commonplace. Packing up a 1947 Willy’s 3 speed Jeep, dragging friends on an old car hood appeared standard.

I use to think “I grew up with nothing”, but actually I accumulated the ultimate treasure, freedom. Independence to make poor decisions, uninhibited from punitive failures, unrestricted in pursuit of attempting the ridiculous and reap her consequences.

Zero curfew, limited oversight and everyday was an unfolding story. When you have nothing, you have everything. I never missed out on; long lasting relationships, laughter and love.

Everyone asks “what is the key to happiness”. Well, it’s unique to the individual, but my answers is simple; being free in mind, body and soul.

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