Exploring Mammoth Cave

Each Christmas our goal is to give one another an experience. If December 2019 was a contest, Rachel receives the championship along with the MVP. She gave me a picture, framed of all the U.S. National Parks, as we visit them, we scratch them off (for the record, I gave her a dating adventure book, but again, she got the MVP).

We found ourselves kid free the week of July 4th and decided to celebrate at Mammoth Cave in beautiful Kentucky. The drive from Atlanta was fairly easy and time flies with the right passenger (music trivia in the car is always a hit, with or without the kids – another championship belt for the Disney princess of the outdoors). Our AirBnb was an apartment directly above a modern day dairy farm, complete with automated milking machines and well trained cows!

Upon arrival fresh cheese and milk flowed and the air quality was thankfully clean! We explored the only town around by googling “Walmart” and found a quaint pub serving bourbon flights (2 of the 5 and you are gone)!

Masked and ready to go, we explored the largest cave network in the world. It was amazing and we imagined ourselves explorers, contemplating how this discovery would feel circa 1800’s. Mammoth is, well mammoth! We did discover the largest underwater cave, Lost River Cave just down the road, and it did not disappoint!

In our style we did get in some activities including;
1. Riding our “new” bikes amongst the Amish and learning how to re-chain
2. Completed a virtual 5k and relished in our Ron Burgundy medals
3. Photoshoot for Rachel’s latest ensemble and one of my favorite dresses

All in all it was a great trip filled with laughter, outdoors and learning a bit more about our beautiful planet.

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