Waterfalls Hunters in Alabama

It was with heavy hearts we made the trek to Alabama for a celebration of life. My aunt Lucy passed, she was a special woman who loved the farm life and grew most of her own food (and made the best fried anything you would ever eat).

Requiring a place to rest our heads for two nights, we found The Winston Place bed and breakfast, ran by a former University of Alabama football family. Knowing how nature heals, we quickly discover DeSoto Falls State Park was within a bikes ride, however without bikes for this trip, we jeeped it. Early to rise provided an amazing breakfast and opportunity for a breathtaking, 2.5 mile hike.

Starting at the top of the falls, we knew there must be a way to hike down. Remember, I somewhat jokingly refer to Rachel as a Disney princess, she is always greeted by wild woodland creatures and this hike proved to be no exception. Months ago we were eating breakfast outside and a spider was on the table. Her knight in shining armor thwarted the centimeters sized terror and was met with the kindest whisper of “why did you do that, he was only doing what spiders do?” I swore and oath to only strike when required or requested.

We sat with our feet over a small “cliff” near the water and in true Rachel form the water ripples and a small, wild turtle swims across to hang out with us (see video below).

This unexpected jaunt was welcoming to the soul and I know aunt Lucy was looking down and saying “Alexander, don’t you fall off that cliff, ya hear!”

We did a short hike and taking in the amazing falls at DeSoto Falls, Alabama when this turtle decided to pay us a visit!

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