The Twins are Off to College!

This was the text I will never forget receiving;

My oldest daughters are officially college bound, to the University of Georgia! I am proud of their hard work but mostly proud to see them grow into responsible adults. They made the decision all on their own. UGA was their only choice, no back-up, that was the school for them. I have watched them grow from babies to adults (I will always see them as babies), but the pride I feel in my heart is unmatched!

I was the first to hold them. I was the first to love them. I taught them how to play basketball, use the potty and throw a punch. At bedtime each night, we made up stories about spies, Lobster Boy was a real character and Daddy could do no wrong.

I thought I would be sad to see them grow and go, but all I feel is pride!

Congratulations to my heart! I am filled with joy and celebrate with them!!

2020 can suck it, but it doesn’t get much better than this!

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