Ole South Thanksgiving in Charleston

Being southern is pretty awesome, but being southern on Thanksgiving is a slice of heaven! After a few rounds with the turkey, dressing, broccoli casserole and too many sides to list (and an early a.m. 10k for me and 13.1 for Rachel) we headed to Charleston for some desired down time!

Driving on Thanksgiving night during a pandemic is almost like a scene from the Walking Dead (the return trip is the opposite). Food options are limited to Waffle House or Cracker Barrel, and the later seemed like cheating on Thanksgiving!

After 4.5 hours of talking on the road, we arrived to our quaint AirBnb, I did not read the emails thoroughly thus the check in process was somewhat delayed. We stayed in Mount Pleasant and enjoyed quaint coffee shops and easy breakfasts all within walking distance!

Friday we journeyed to downtown taking in the Pineapple Fountain, the City Market, Rainbow Row and chomping lobster roll! We hit a few local breweries and loved some of our finds! We settled in later in the evening, just relaxing!

It rained Saturday, all day so we enjoyed the opportunity to just hang out! We did find a dive bar for oysters and I’m talking the scrape from the barnacle of the boat, knock off shell and smoked oysters, not the pretty half shells sitting in a future belt buckle or necklace setting.

Sunday we walked the bridge and then headed home. This trip was exactly what we desired, seeing something new and enjoying one another. Honestly, the 4.5 hour car ride and just talking is always one of the highlights of our trip. Our next adventure is a repeat that we are extremely excited to undertake!

One day we plan to just get in the car and drive, talk until we are tired and see where we end up….but not today 🙂

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